HydroX Regina Excavating

Why Water Excavation?

Water/Hydro Excavation has huge advantages when it compares to traditional mechanical excavation. Leaning towards more precise control compared to using a metal claw to dig into the ground. Some advantages are short term while others are long.

Suitable For Canadian Land

Canada has a very firm ground since our weather conditions are so extremely cold which makes excavation hard to accomplish.  Water excavation loosens the ground before excavation which makes the process very well suited for our Canadian land. Water excavation is capable to excavate most soil textures making its equipment an all-weather tool.

Non Destructive Excavation

Fact. Water excavation is non destructive. It causes no destruction or disturbance to its nearby surroundings. Water excavation is considered the safest method of excavation due to its high safety standards.

Great For Locating Utilities

One of the tasks in excavating land is locating utilities such as gas or pipelines in the ground. Water excavation safely locates these utilities and in return greatly lowers the chance of going in and damaging the utilities. Which ultimately can save replacement and repair costs.

Cost Efficient

While water excavation equipment is generally costlier than other types of excavation equipment, water excavation projects are still similarly cost-efficient. Other methods are time-consuming and are about 5 to 7 times slower than water excavation. This increases the cost of the project because of use of manual labor.

The quality of water excavation depends on the quality of the water excavation equipment. HydroX has reliable equipment and is ready to help in the projects you might have.

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