Our New HydroX Trucks!

How do Hydro Excavating Trucks Work and Operate?

The first piece of information that should be told is that every crew and every Hydro Excavating truck is different!

Before creating a truck questions such as.. must be answered.

Does the truck have water pressure? 

Does the truck have water flow that can be dialed up or down depending on the soil conditions?

Does the truck have water and debris capacity to dig at least half a day without having to leave the jobsite to dump?

These questions can be critical in excavating older ground that has not been touched in a long period  of time and could potentially have underground lines that are deteriorating that need extra carefulness.



What influences the Price of Hydro Excavating? 

Driving time – Depending on where you need to take the Excavating truck  may depend on the dollar that you pay! If you are working on a

Legal Area – Is the truck within the legal weight limit in your area when it shows up on the job site loaded with water and ready to work?

Does the truck have a boiler on board?

To heat the water to a temperature that will melt frozen ground? If not, you will pay more than

you need to for the excavation, guaranteed.


All of these factors may influence the price  of Hydro Excavating! Before ordering a truck make sure to call and ask us questions!


HydroX Regina Excavating

HydroX Excavating Debris Removal

What is Debris? 

Debris comes and goes in all different forms, the  most common are remains of anything broken down or destroyed,  ruin and rubble.

How do the HydroX Excavating Trucks remove Debris? 

HydroX Excavation is the best cost-effective, safe, and quick method for removing debris and cleaning out a variety of structures without damaging the surrounding area. HydroX Excavating  uses no mechanical equipment that directly interacts with the work area making the experience fast and effective.

HydroX Regina Excavating


What happens  in the removing process? 

HydroX excavating removes debris using a unique combination of water pressure and vacuum, combined in one self-contained Hydro Excavating  truck. First, water is pressurized and injected into the area containing the debris through a handheld wand.  The resulting slurry made from water is immediately vacuumed from the excavation site through a large debris hose connected to a debris tank in the HydroX truck.


HydroX Regina Excavating

Why Water Excavation?

Water/Hydro Excavation has huge advantages when it compares to traditional mechanical excavation. Leaning towards more precise control compared to using a metal claw to dig into the ground. Some advantages are short term while others are long.

Suitable For Canadian Land

Canada has a very firm ground since our weather conditions are so extremely cold which makes excavation hard to accomplish.  Water excavation loosens the ground before excavation which makes the process very well suited for our Canadian land. Water excavation is capable to excavate most soil textures making its equipment an all-weather tool.

Non Destructive Excavation

Fact. Water excavation is non destructive. It causes no destruction or disturbance to its nearby surroundings. Water excavation is considered the safest method of excavation due to its high safety standards.

Great For Locating Utilities

One of the tasks in excavating land is locating utilities such as gas or pipelines in the ground. Water excavation safely locates these utilities and in return greatly lowers the chance of going in and damaging the utilities. Which ultimately can save replacement and repair costs.

Cost Efficient

While water excavation equipment is generally costlier than other types of excavation equipment, water excavation projects are still similarly cost-efficient. Other methods are time-consuming and are about 5 to 7 times slower than water excavation. This increases the cost of the project because of use of manual labor.

The quality of water excavation depends on the quality of the water excavation equipment. HydroX has reliable equipment and is ready to help in the projects you might have.

HydroX Regina Excavating

Trenching With HydroX Excavating Trucks


When it comes to trenching or of any kind, its better to use hydrovac excavation. Hydrovac excavation can be the best cost effective solution. HydroX Excavating Regina can help you with trenching or slot trenching.

What do I need HydroX Excavating Trenches for?

The trenches may be used for a variety or purposes, such as fiber optic installation or installation of utilities. Conventional excavation utilizes a mechanical approach, but may be cumbersome and less accurate than using hydrovac excavating.


Our New HydroX Trucks!

What are the key advantages of using water when digging trenches?

  • Accuracy of the trench: pressurized water can precision removal soil and create a desired trench.
  •  Reduced risk of damaging existing utilities or pipes when digging a trench.
  •  Less manual labor
  •  Takes less time, then manual labour.
  • HydroX Water excavating is safer.
  • HydroX Truck can reach difficult to get to areas.


HydroX Regina Excavating

Why Companies Need Social Media! Explained by HydroX!

1) Social media posts drive targeted traffic!

Having social media in a HydroVac company is good! Many companies who lack social media do not get the reach they sometimes need! Why? you might ask? Social media  allows you to connect with people in your area and areas that are needed for business! Also depending on the size of your business, social media could be a great bonus! The more followers and  following you have the more appealing the business looks!

2) Using social media for business boosts your site’s SEO!
Yes! You heard it right! Social media boosts your businesses SEO!  Google sees your page as either and Active source or an Inactive source! This later, tells google whether to give you the bonus ^ within the SEO system! The more active your page is with pictures, videos, likes & Comments, Followers and Following! So if your business doesn’t have social media, its time to  get it!

HydroX Excavation Regina

3) Social media marketing helps you understand your audience!

What is the easiest thing to do on social media? If you’re thinking scrolling.. You are right! Scrolling allows you to see who you follow, what they post and what  interests them! Whats next? This allows you to understand your audience and potentially get more business for your self and the people you are working with, thats why HydroX Regina Excavating know their following!

4) A strong social media presence builds brand loyalty!

The bigger following  you have  the better the social account looks! This shows that people actually care about you and what you do! Especially if the following is equal to followers, this shows that the company is confident and down to earth where there is honesty behind the company!

On that note! If your business doesn’t have social media yet, it’s only a couple clicks away!!








HydroX Regina Excavating

Safety Within the HydroVac Companies!

Each HydroVac company should teach their employees to do a great job and make sure they do it within a safe environment! These are the qualities hydroX possess that makes them the great company that they are!REGINA’S HYDROVAC SPECIALISTS



HydroX Excavating services in Regina, Saskatchewan is proud of our safety within our work!

HydroX Excavating is a  leading COR Certified Hydrovac company in western Canada! We are located in Regina,Saskatchewan. At HydroX, a division of Acme Environmental Services Inc., we are committed to the highest safety standards in the industry, and know the importance of safety for both our customers and our employees. That is why we provide great quality work and have had zero accidents in the past three years!

We Are Registered With

  • ISNetworld
  • ComplyWorks
  • Avetta
  • SCOT (Safety Construction Orientation Training)

We are members of:

  • SCSA (Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association)
  • SCGA (Saskatchewan Common Ground Alliance)

Our certifications include:

  • H2S
  • First-Aid – level C and CPR/AED
  • Confined Space Entry 2
  • Ground Disturbance 2
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Safe Trenching
  • Fall Protection
  • WCB Certificate of Achievement


Our Safety Policy Statement states:
Acme Environmental Services In. is committed to our employee’s right to a safe and healthy work environment free of harassment. It is our firm belief that the level of success which can be achieved by Acme Environmental Services Inc. is directly proportional to the emphasis placed upon preservation of our most valuable assets; our employees.

All Acme Environmental Services Inc., employees will receive training on a continuing basis, both in job specific skills and in areas related to employee health and safety.