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How do Hydro Excavating Trucks Work and Operate?

The first piece of information that should be told is that every crew and every Hydro Excavating truck is different! Before creating a truck questions such as.. must be answered. Does the truck have water pressure?  Does the truck have water flow that can be dialed up or down depending on the soil conditions? Does […]

HydroX Excavating Debris Removal

What is Debris?  Debris comes and goes in all different forms, the  most common are remains of anything broken down or destroyed,  ruin and rubble. How do the HydroX Excavating Trucks remove Debris?  HydroX Excavation is the best cost-effective, safe, and quick method for removing debris and cleaning out a variety of structures without damaging the surrounding area. HydroX Excavating  uses no mechanical equipment that […]

Trenching With HydroX Excavating Trucks

Trenching! When it comes to trenching or of any kind, its better to use hydrovac excavation. Hydrovac excavation can be the best cost effective solution. HydroX Excavating Regina can help you with trenching or slot trenching. What do I need HydroX Excavating Trenches for? The trenches may be used for a variety or purposes, such as […]

Why Companies Need Social Media! Explained by HydroX!

1) Social media posts drive targeted traffic! Having social media in a HydroVac company is good! Many companies who lack social media do not get the reach they sometimes need! Why? you might ask? Social media  allows you to connect with people in your area and areas that are needed for business! Also depending on […]

Safety Within the HydroVac Companies!

Each HydroVac company should teach their employees to do a great job and make sure they do it within a safe environment! These are the qualities hydroX possess that makes them the great company that they are!     HydroX Excavating services in Regina, Saskatchewan is proud of our safety within our work! HydroX Excavating is […]